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Upcoming workshops, events and projects will be listed on our caldendar below. If you have any questions about these or would like to find out more information, just drop us an email.


During Lockdown, we introduced some 'remote' and ongoing projects - see details below on The Postal Foundry Project.  **Please Note** This project is now finished for individual purchase but if you're an organisation interested in utilising this remote delivery method with us on a project, do get in touch. 

Workshop Calendar 

The Postal Foundry Project

We’re aware there are many people looking for activities to do at home at the moment, potentially even with younger members of the family to entertain and stimulate. We’ve had to postpone some of our own school and workshops programmes as a result of the UK lockdown too. 


So we’re trailing a new remote project:


The POSTAL Foundry Project


We send out a box with modelling wax and instructions on how to work it plus some information on what we’ll be doing with it next and the Lost Wax process.


Model a design, post it back. We’ll cast it and post it back. 


You receive your finished bronze sculpture in the post! 

Postal Foundry

Wax Modelling or Mail - O - Medallion


If drawing or low relief is more you style, we also have a Mail - O - Medallion kit. Instead of modelling wax, we’ll send a wax coin, the perfect surface for drawing into if you’re more of a draughtsman. 

Materials and Pricing 


The wax we’ll be using is the same as that used in all our school projects so this kit is very much suitable for younger members of the family (if you’re just a big kid ordering for yourself, don't worry, we won’t tell anyone). We aim for a 3-4 week turn around on receiving your finished wax. 

If you’d like to order a kit, just drop us a message stating if you’d prefer a Modelling Postal Foundry kit or a Mail - O - Medallion kit. We’re pricing these projects the same so you can mix and match too. 


1 kit = £110.00 [add up to 3 more for £50 each]

Let us know where you'd like us to send the kit, how many you'd like, and provide an address for invoicing. We'll issue a receipt before posting out to you.  Please note - you’ll have to cover the postage for sending back your designs to be cast! All other postage is covered by us. 

And if you have any questions, just drop us an email to ask!

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